Let’s be honest: Michael Scott is an imbecile. He promised an entire high school class free college tuition with no ability to actually pay for it. He hit his employee with his car and then said, “Don’t worry, it’s only Meredith.” He is constantly mean to Dwight, despite his loyal servitude. He frequently messes up other peoples’ property for the sake of being funny. On paper, it’s all there: Michael is a kind of an asshole.

But the loyalty that Michael Scott has is unmatched by most other fictional characters. To those who can’t stand the show because of him…

Today is International Day of the Girl, which got me thinking about my childhood and how certain parts about being a young girl impacted my life as an adult.

Then my mind gravitated to a particular television show that perfectly captures what it’s like growing up girl.

I know, I know — another coming-of-age show. But this one’s different. It’s honest, it’s funny, it’s witty, it’s real. And it’s called PEN15.

PEN15: One of Hulu’s Best Kept Secrets

If you don’t know PEN15, then you should. It’s a cringe comedy show that “depicts middle school as it really happened.” …

Jordan Sprogis

Freelance writer with thoughts outside of copywriting.

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